Nature Park Stechlin-Ruppiner Land

Welcome to the Stechlin-Ruppiner Land Nature Park!

Our nature park is without a doubt one of the most beautiful landscapes in Brandenburg. 180 lakes, including half of Brandenburg’s clear water lake area, and forest covering almost two thirds of the park’s territory beckon nature lovers.

Don’t hesitate if you crave discovery and experience, feel like embarking on the small and large adventures that Brandenburg’s youngest large-scale reserve holds ready for you. Experience for yourself the vastness of the landscape, the spicy scent of the extensive forests and the clear water of our lakes. The nature park is ideal for discovery on foot, by bicycle or by boat.

Visit the towns with their historic town centres, such as Rheinsberg, Lindow, Neuruppin, Gransee and Wittstock/Dosse that have developed to look their best over the past years for your enjoyment.